Declutter ME – Part 3

Part 3 – Decluttering Social Media

Although Social Media is a great connector, informative and expressive platform, it has taken so much of our time and energy that I feel it necessary to declutter your social media.

I love social media – a lot – and can easily become consumed by it. My paying-the-bills-adult job entails that I post on social media and monitor social media platforms and trends, so, unfortunately, I cannot go cold turkey and delete all my accounts as I have wished to do several times. But ask yourself these questions- have you ever opened Facebook, but there was nothing really significant as you scroll through your feed? Have you ever been upset by things other people post about animal cruelty or something to do with children? Have you found yourself feeling good when you see someone from school who has put on weight? If you answered yes to some of these questions then you might not have a healthy relationship with social media. I am not saying go cold turkey and delete all your accounts, but I think it is time to put that phone down, log out and spend time with your friends and family. Here are my 5 tips for decluttering your social media:

  1. Choose two or three platforms that you want to post on

There are so many platforms of social media, the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Choose two or three (if you must) platforms and stick to these. If you need to share the same post on ten or more platforms you are wasting your own time. I personally like Instagram and Facebook as I like the concept of visual posts that Instagram provides and Facebook is helpful in keeping in touch with my friends and family who live far away.

  1. Unfriend & Unfollow

Once upon a time, it was the goal to have the most friends on Facebook and followers on the other platforms, but do you really want to share all your personal experiences with some stranger? If you don’t have privacy settings on your profile any creeper can follow you, comment on your photos or send you inappropriate messages. Worst yet, they can use your photos for other things. That’s a place I’d rather not go. Go to your friends list and unfriend that guy you met at a bar ten years ago, that lady you met at a conference and those people you barely speak to anymore. I went through my list and asked myself if I see this person walking down the street would I greet them? If not, why would I want to share my life and experiences with them on a social platform? If you are on Instagram or Twitter go through your followers. Do you really want that guy who keeps selling you Herbalife products following your thoughts? Click remove and unfriend – I promise you it will make you feel better

  1. App on your phone

Before you get anxious, think about this for a moment; what would happen if you did not have the app on your phone? I am talking specifically about Facebook and Twitter here (Instagram, snapchat etc. is more user-friendly on your phone) Do you really need to check your feed before going to bed? Will your life be over if you didn’t check in at the gym? Having these apps on your phone makes the temptation to mindlessly scroll through mindless reposts and silly comments so much more. I personally did it and only log onto Facebook when I am on my laptop and so far, I have not really missed any big news or cute cat pictures.

  1. Limit what you post

Social media has become the highlight reel of our lives. We only post the good stuff- which is fine, but you don’t have to post your entire life on social media. I get so annoyed with someone who takes loads of pictures let’s say – at a wedding – and then posts every single one on Instagram with a different filter. I agree, post a picture of you and your friend on Facebook on her wedding day, some pictures from your honeymoon, fun and silly group selfies etc., but there is no need to post all the pictures you took, most of them where no one is looking at the camera or where your baby has the same outfit on but in ten different poses. Be honest with yourself, who are you posting those albums for? Yourself or do you want to impress people and make them jealous?

  1. Limit your time

I am writing all of this out of personal experience and my comments might offend some, but I have found that when I go down the social media rabbit hole, it consumes a large chunk of my time. The time I could have spent with my husband or daughter. Put your phone down, close that laptop and spend time with your loved ones. Why spend your time looking at people’s lives you don’t really know when you can spend it with those you love dearly. I am challenging myself to unplug for Lent (starting 1 March) it is going to be hard, but I want to prove to myself that I don’t need social media and that I won’t miss out on that much (I hope #fomo)

If you need some inspiration to tug at your heart strings, have a look at these videos.



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    This is something I need to work on…

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