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I found this quote a couple of months ago and was instantly drawn to the simplicity and truth:


How amazing is it that something simple like saltwater has healing properties, not only on a physical level but on an emotional level as well.  After doing some research on the internet I was amazed to read the benefits of using certain salts in skincare and the benefits of taking an Epsom salts bath to relieve pain. However, I am a firm believer in ‘using’ the other forms of saltwater such as described in the quote.

Sweat – I am by no means a very fit individual, but it is amazing what a walk around the block can do when you are feeling frustrated. Sweating refocusses your attention and energy and gets your blood pumping.

Tears – My mother always says that tears wash the heart and cleans it. I like crying – I know that might sound strange, but I love the feeling of relief after a good cry, getting all the emotions out and allowing myself to feel what I am feeling. I cry when I am sad, I cry when I am happy, angry, frustrated or disappointed and even when watching series or a movie. The other day we were watching Inside Out again and my husband turned to me during the scene in the movie when Riley’s imaginary friend sacrificed himself to help Joy save the core memories. He was surprised to see me sitting there with tears streaming down my face. The fact remains – tears flush your heart, it goes in every nook and cranny and cleans out all the emotion and icky bits.

Ocean – I always wonder why the ocean is so magical for many people. There is something that happens when you sit on a beach, quiet with your thoughts following the ebb and flow of the waves and work through your thoughts subconsciously. My happy place is a small town on the West Coast of the Western-Cape called Paternoster (it is the exact beach in the quote at the top – and yep, that is my handsome husband). My parents took the family there when I was pregnant with my daughter. When I need to go to my happy place I close my eyes and imagine that I am sitting on that beach, inhaling the salty air and hearing the waves crash softly.

In closing, remember when you are feeling uninspired, demotivated or just in a funk and need some clarity; try to get your body moving or allow yourself to cry or go to the ocean (even if you need to watch a Youtube video of crashing waves)

Until next time

Be awesome, Be Kind, Be YOU!


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  1. laetitiabarnard says:

    Beautiful photo! Some of our best ones were taken there…


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